Backroad Belted Beef


Who We Are

Dedicated people who love the land that nourishes our Belted Galloway cattle.  We are nature lovers who raise our beef cattle from birth to harvest with respect for the key role they play.


What We Produce

We’re proud to provide the community with a healthier natural approach to finishing cattle, grass fed and grass finished.  Nature drives the process of producing sun and rain to sustain our fields creating a finished product that is far healthier for you and your family.


We’re committed to producing the highest quality all natural beef. No hormones, no antibiotics. Galloway’s are known for their forage abilities and easily convert the grass into their nutritional needs.  This provides a product that is naturally higher in omega 3’s and lower in overall fat content.  We don’t cherry pick the steaks and roasts, they are all used in our ground beef. One try and you will notice how tender and flavorful this makes it.



We are licensed and our beef is processed in a federally inspected facility. We sell 1lb premium grass fed, all cuts, ground beef.

Backroad Belted Beef

Raised in Whitewater, MO


Sold at:

CS Printing, Inc.
7977 State Hwy K. Cape Girardeau, MO 63701



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